"When every penny counts" or how readers may contribute to artistic development

As it is no secret to anyone, to accomplish any goal knowledge and patience is not enough. You also need to have enough money.

Creative, independent from commercial studios and environment animation film is expensive and time-demanding. Since I am mostly stand-alone artist who can't afford additional staff and creative allies, and neither intend to have such without being capable to properly pay them, to anyone finding any of my creative projects interesting and wishing to help bring closer their completion so anyone can enjoy watching them (as with all my projects - for free) there is possibility to donate money.

You can contribute any amount you wish or may afford. Any penny counts and helps. Collected money will be used to move those more ambitious personal animated short films, stories,visual novels into active development as much as possible, by allowing me to either secure a time free-from wage earning work, to develop them on pace that ensures quality or to invest into new equipment, modern computers, tablets, new sketch book, pencils :D  

Help me to dress my characters in cloths in their virtual worlds and make it possible that one day those ambitious art projects see their day and are available to be seen on-line for free

Currently as of this day there is following ambitious projects, each at different stage of development:

  • Eat Hunger - a short, 3D-animated story (9min) who deals with two characters in a living room setup and follows a story of a working and tired man who always comes late at home, forgetting to buy even food sometimes causing a chain reaction in his lifetime which grows into dramatic event. Story was born few years ago during regular crazy Friday-'till-Sunday parties at one friends apartment, after which ones there was often a ghost of hunger in the air due to refrigerator not being stuffed with food enough for 16+ people and hence the suffering elements. It was initially a collective project born with the help and active participation participation of few friends. We explore in this project a hunger on the level with which we are familiar through our own experience. Aim of this short-animated film is creation of quality work with polished character animation and dynamic cloth simulations. Project is done near 50% approx. and there is complete 3D-previz video for story.

  • lillu Sisters - long term project; originally dreamed as a 3D-animated musical animation for one soundtrack, exploring four vampire sister family playing with the prey, a baited and wounded man, in their surreal palace with no apparent exit. It is where survival, fear,cold-blood,hunger,pain blends with empathy, struggle for life.Story contains elements of drama/horror/supernatural genres. Currently I develop rough storyboard and various concept art for lillu Sisters. Story explores those four wonderful beings of whom each 

  • Heartcrab - drama with elements of Horror/Supernatural genres which explores a capacity and power of forgiveness. It is a critical look on relationships between Man and a Woman through a lens of mixed surrealism and realism. On imaginary level project is seen and dreamed to be realized either as live-action film or as game-like animated cinematic but in reality most likely will end up either as visual novel, series of paintings or some other form. I am developing story, script and some conceptual images for this project.
Heartcrab concept art

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